The Abandoned Ones (TAO) rescued Nathan from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter on April 10, 2012.

Nathan, a mutilated dog used in fighting, had been brought into the Fort Worth Animal Shelter with terrible injuries; it was apparent that he needed immediate medical treatment. Once TAO became aware of Nathans situation, we took him into our rescue and then took him to the vet, where he died the following day in surgery, his body too broken to live.

He had been used in dog fighting and died as a result.

While we had a very short time with Nathan, he changed our lives forever. We are so thankful that he finally knew love before he died. He enjoyed his ride in the truck on the way to the vet, smelling the fresh air from the windows. He enjoyed a short walk outdoors, on the grass, meeting and wagging his tail at other dogs. He was held and loved by caring hands and loving hearts. Nathan had a PACK before he died…we are STILL HIS PACK and his voice.

We wonder how this cruelty can exist in our community? We do not have those answers, and we probably never will. We do know that Nathans short life and sad death have brought us closer as a community with a common goal…TO MAKE THIS STOP!

His condition was horrific and the images are even hard to stomach, but we share them to educate others about the terrible injuries dogs sustain from dogfighting. These images and his story need to be shared to raise awareness for Nathan and others like Nathan. Despite his injuries, he was a trusting and lovable boy who deserved a chance at a new happy life. TAO gave that to him.

Please do not forget him. Let his pictures remind us all that, unfortunately, there will be many more Nathans, some of whom TAO will be part of saving.

Love and awareness can work miracles. We see it every day in rescue. Please, when you see animals in pain like Nathan was, as horrific as they may look, do not turn your back. Step up and speak out and lets all join together to stop this from happening.

Going forward, the challenge will be to make sure we continue to ask for our local political leaders to recognize the problem of dog fighting and animal cruelty that exists in this community and to make steady strides forward to stopping it.

Honor Nathan's memory by being his voice…