“The Abandoned Ones” would like to thank everyone for watching Mercy’s video and following her. There is always a happy ending for our dogs because #EVERYANIMALMATTERS! Please continue reading for Mercy’s full story and follow us on Facebook,  https://www.facebook.com/taoanimalrescue/ , for all of Mercy’s updates.
Not surprising, Mercy was found in Echo Lake, a known dog fighting/ dog dumping area. Our founder, Judy Obregon, was on her usual morning run through the neighborhood when passed a dog on the side of the road. Another dead dog, she thought. She slowed down and looked in her rearview. Mercy must have sensed it was her rescuer because she lifted her head, signaling to Judy that she was alive!
This poor girl clearly needed help. She could barely stand and could not walk. Clearly something horrendous had happened to our sweet Mercy girl. Judy rushed Mercy to the vet, where x-rays where done. X-rays revealed several fractures, one may require plating. It was thought that Mercy was need a specialist for this and the surgery was estimated at $3000. Mercy was then transferred to Creekside Pet Care, where she would have around the clock medical care.
A miracle happened while at Creekside. Mercy was standing and giving it her all in walking on her own. Our girl knew she had so much support behind her and nothing but love was in her future. Mercy’s story caught the hearts and attention of our city. Judy and her appeared on NBC DFW Channel 5 News to let the community know what had been done to Mercy and what is happening to other dogs Judy find at Echo Lake.
We say Mercy is a miracle due to her first initial exam. Creekside worked with her around the clock to help her heal. Never did we think that Mercy would get up and start walking. She knew that everyone had faith in her. Mercy was still out of the woods yet and still is not, but she did get to leave the vet and go to a loving foster home.
Mercy’s story continues to spread bring awareness to what is happening to dogs in Echo Lake. She was recently featured by The Dodo
not just once… but TWICE!!!
And just yesterday (10/27/2016), our sweet girl was well enough to head to the vet for her vaccinations!
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