The first time I heard about Judy was on the Dodo...and I thought, omg, thats my neighborhood!! I had no idea there was a dumping ground for abandoned dogs in my own hometown. Bless her and TAO for what they do to save these precious babies!!

Chrisanna H

We adopted our dog Summer- a puppy abandoned at echo lake- through this rescue organization. We cant say enough about the care, competence, and mission of this remarkable organization.

Karl T

They confront the worst that people do to animals, abandonment, abuse, neglect, and save them, bringing hope joy and love (along with the other essentials like food and vet care). I wish they didn't have to do it but I'm glad they are there to do it.

Keilani C

I'm honored that I was able to foster the sweetest puppy, hero from this organization. It was so rewarding to have the opportunity to show him that not all humans are bad and give him all the love before he found his forever home.

Michelle B